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A Revolutionary Powerful Cutting edge weight loss program Approved by the FDA. Semaglutide, a prescribed medication, for both Weight Loss and Diabetes. It mimics the effects of glucagon- like peptide-1 (GLP-1), which increases insulin production, impacts blood sugar, and supports a healthy metabolism. It dramatically lessens hunger, and allows you to feel full for a longer period of time. The amount of food one eats reduces, which decreases caloric intake. Not only are calories reduced but the medication regulates blood sugar, helping carb cravings to disappear.


Semaglutide is administered once-a-week by a subcutaneous injection (into fat) with a small insulin syringe. The dose is gradually increased over time, allowing you to continue to feel the Phenomenal benefits of the medication. Unique U Cosmetics currently offers Concierge in office Semaglutide weight loss plan which is closely monitored weekly and offers an aggressive paced medication dosing time table. This plan includes weekly weigh ins, nutritional coaching, and discovery to keep clients on track with weight loss goals while managing any possible medication side effects if noted. Some clients will have a very low sensitivity to Semaglutide and can use a very small amount for an extended period, while others will require an increased amount to get the desired results., and allow this medication to work its magic on you while feeling your best!


The Home Based Program equally effective; provides the client with a three month supply of medication utilizing a more conservative dosing titration to lessen possibility of side effects; allowing the best possible results in the privacy of one’s home.


Possible Side Effects:

• Nausea

• Diarrhea

• Cramps

• Bloating/Constipation

These side effects are controlled by starting at a low dose and increasing gradually over 16 weeks. Other 
 medications may stay in your stomach longer and their affect could be delayed.


Clients with Type 1 Diabetes, pregnant or nursing or have/had thyroid cancer are NOT candidates for Semaglutide.

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